In the game of the first round of LFA1, we had not only a “repeat” of the Polish Bowl XIII but also exactly the same game as in the first round a year ago. In Wyszkow, Rhinos hosted Wenglorz AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers and lost after a very even game 35:38.

In the beginning, the hosts looked much better. The first touchdown for the Rhinos in the 2019 season was scored by Szymon Berbec. The joy of the fans didn’t last for a long time, as already during the first quarter, the guests managed to take over the leadership. First, Patryk Piechowski got a touchdown and shortly after, a runner Lukasz Markowski delivered the ball into the endzone. As all PATs were successful, 7:14 appeared on the scoreboard.

During the second quarter, Lakers got three more points thanks to a 30-yard field foal by Rafal Miara, a debutant in the LFA1. Before the end of the first half, the team of Gray Levy got yet another touchdown. Andrew Matthews underlined his first performance at the Polish fields getting the points for his team. After a good PAT, the guests were leading 7:24. The Rhinos managed to decrease the distance in points after a pass by Jonathan Brown. Kacper Jaszewski caught the ball in the endzone, the team didn’t manage to get an extra point and there was 13:24 on the scoreboard during the break.

The second half started with a 5-yard pass to Adrian Dabrowski and the guests got 8 points after a successful PAT. The lead of the Lakers seemingly irritated Rhinos, who started to work back the lost points in the third quarter. In this part of the game, Dominik Buczek delivered the ball into the endzone reducing the point distance together with a good kick by Michal Dabkowski.

The last part of the match was the most effective for the hosts, but they missed three points to have an equalizer. Rhinos answered a touchdown by Krzysztof Bartwicki with good attempts by Jonathan Brown and Bartosz Szymanski. Even though the PATs were good, it wasn’t enough to take the lead away from the Lakers. The match ended with a score of 35:38.

Rhinos Wyszkow are playing the next game home, but the bar will be much higher this time. Current champions of Poland, Lowlanders Bialystok are coming with a visit. The game is scheduled for the 31st of March at 3:00 pm. The team from Olsztyn will play an away game again against Wataha Zielona Gora. This match will take place on the same day, at noon.

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office


Photo: Wyszkowiak