Panthers successfull payback for the Polish Bowl! The Champions open the season with a defeat

This year’s season of LFA1 started with a hit competition between the champion and the vice-champion of Poland. Panthers Wroclaw came out of the game successfully winning against Lowlanders Bialystok 45:6.

Weakened without Mikolaj Pawlaczyk, Tomasz Zukowski or Grzegorz Mantur, the guests were first to show the skills of their attack formation. Their offensive efforts lasted for more than 3 minutes and ended with a fumble and overtaking the ball by the captain of the hosts – Kamil Ruta. Soon after that, the players from Wroclaw could celebrate coming upfront. New uarterback Chris Forcier performed a 39-yard pass to Bartosz Dziedzic, who brought the ball into the endzone. The pat was misfortunate, however, as the kick by Piotr Golacki – the best kicker of the last season got blocked effectively by Zachary Blair. It wasn’t long before Panthers were in possession again. It was all thanks to Deante Battle, who first blocked the pass from Rex Dausin, and later intercepted the inaccurate throw of the American. Konrad Starczewski brought his name on the scoreboard delivering the ball for a touchdown after a 42-yard run. This time Panthers decided to go for two more points which successfully added to the score thanks to Bartosz Dziedzic. In time, however, the game seemed to become more and more even. As a result, Rex Dausin got a touchdown after a solo 40-yard play. No points were added, but the champions were now just 8 points behind. This however changed before the end of the first quarter of the game, when Piotr Golacki made up for his earlier unfortunate kick. He perfectly sent the ball through 31 yards right between the posts.

After changing sides, we witnessed an exchange of points on both sides, which followed with big mistakes by Lowlanders. Adding a good form of Panthers’ defensive players, the guests got into lots of trouble. It’s definitely worth to mention Huber Ogrodowczyk, who sacked the Lowlanders’ quarterback shortly before newly purchased Marcin Osumek intercepted the ball. Close to intercepting was also french defensive back Rodrigue Alignes. The referees decided, that the ball touched the ground first though. Finally, the mistakes of the guests resulted in a 58-yard run and a touchdown by Chris Forcier. After a good PAT, the fans saw 23:6 on the scoreboard.

The second half was a show of domination by the vice-champions of Poland. First, Konrad Starczewski signed up for the score list again after running 10 yards. Piotr Golacki didn’s success with a kick again and Panthers Wroclaw were leading 31:6. In the same part of the game, Lowlanders committed a catastrophic mistake close to their own endzone. As a result, Przemyslaw Lewszczyk could celebrate getting a touchdown. The vice-champions, being sure of their success, let their quarterback Chris Forcier rest. Until the end of the third part of the game, it was Deante Battle who took his place.

In the fourth quarter, Bartosz Dziedzic took over Forcier’s spot. The polish player opened the last part of the match with a 10-yard run for a touchdown, which finally set the score for 45:6 for Panthers.

We had a lot to prove and we definitely managed to do so. We can be happy with the score, though we know, we are just at the beginning of a long season. Work with new coaches, new system and cooperation on the field are already bringing benefits. It was visible today, that Lowlanders had problems chasing after us already in the second quarter. We shouldn’t get too optimistic though. The upcoming matches are still in front of us and a lot can happen – calms the spirits Kamil Ruta, the captain of Panthers Wroclaw.

It’s hard to imagine a better start of the season. Today, everything worked as it should have. The team proved its strength and the fans came in a very nice number. It is the first match of this season, the last weeks were filled with a very intense work to button everything up, but today we’ve seen the effects. Thanks to all the fans for great support and we are already preparing mentally for the upcoming games – said Michal Latos, the president of the vice-champions.

Mariusz Kankowski,
LFA Press Office

Photo: Kamil Zwijacz