A striking start of Seahawks Gdynia, Wilki Lodzkie with an honorable defeat

Nobody gave the Wolves from Lodz any bigger chances before the first round of LFA1, as the triple champions of Poland, Seahawks Gdynia, came to their field. According to the predictions, the semi-finalists from the previous season got an easy win. The hosts, however, managed to keep an honor by getting a touchdown. The game ended with a result of 7:62.

The players from Gdynia managed to settle down and control the game already during the first quarter. The fans saw three touchdowns during 12 minutes of the game. A debuting quarterback Philip Juhlin opened the score after presenting a lone, 16-yard run into the end zone. Even more spectacular situation brought the next points. Jakub Mazan finished a 45-yard passing action and delivered the ball safely to add six more points to the scoreboard. The new quarterback of Seahawks performed very well on Saturday, as he also served Wojciech Szubert with an accurate pass. This meant the end of the first quarter with a score of 21:0, as Wojciech Daniszewski didn’t miss a single PAT.

In the second part of the game, the Seahawks weren’t even thinking of slowing the tempo. As a result, they got three more touchdowns. Jakub Mazan entered the endzone after a 27-yard pass getting his second touchdown of the game. Just a few moments later, he crossed the end line again, but his punt return didn’t count due to a foul in blocking by his teammates. Seahawks ended this offensive effort with a touchdown anyway. Dariusz Peplinski entered the list of scorers after he ran exactly half of the field. Each formation had a moment during the game. When the wolves tried to get the ball back in play, the special formation of Seahawks Gdynia intercepted the kickoff. Within the defensive players, Arkadiusz Cieslok sacked Damian Waszczyk. What is interesting though, the guests’ star was also very active in the attack. Cieslok showed his skills as a fullback and underlined his good performance with a touchdown after a 2-yard run. Shortly after, Wojciech Daniszewski committed his first mistake and didn’t score a PAT. The Seahawks were leading 41:0 anyway though.

After coming back from the break, the Wolves tried to oppose the guests a bit more. This, however, didn’t stop them from losing more points. After an accurate pass into the endzone, Michal Jarocki could celebrate a touchdown. This points, as well as good PAT, were the only points scored during this part of the game.

The last quarter was interesting due to the mercy rule, which means not stopping the time. The Seahawks managed to get more points though. Milosz Goralski ended his 14-yard run in the endzone. Shortly after, Jakub Mazan added two points. Sure of their win, the guests allowed the substitute quarterback to play. On the other side, the wolves did the same, probably already sure of their defeat. This came to be a good move, as Damian Podczaski, who normally plays as the second quarterback, managed to run more than 60 yards in two attempts. This ended with Wolves’ first touchdown in 2019 season. The versatile player added a point for the hosts. The last words belonged to Jakub Mazan who caught the kick-off ball and presented 80-yard return finished with a touchdown. As a result, the game ended with 7:62 on the scoreboard.

– Seahawks are multiple champions and vice-champions of Poland. We definitely felt it on the field. It was the first time, we’ve played against such a strong team in a league game. I am happy with the attitude of my teammates, who despite the score kept their head high and tried to get points until the very end of the match. Patience and determination allowed us to get them in the fourth quarter, just before the final whistle. We’re starting the week with empty heads, ready to fix our mistakes to show ourselves in much better condition in two weeks fighting for the first win this year – said Damian Podczaski from Wilki Lodzkie.

The players from Lodz now have two weeks of break, and on the 7th of April, they will travel to the capital to spoil the Warsaw Mets’ home debut. Seahawks Gdynia play on the upcoming Sunday against Tychy Falcons in their first home game.

– The game against Seahawks Gdynia, a multiple champions of Poland, from the very moment of knowing the timetable seemed to be toughest games of the season. It definitively was such a match. The rivals have set the bar very high both in the offense and the defense. After a well-worked offseason, each of the Wolves entered the field full of faith in a win and ability to play the best possible game. We had some mistakes, which cost us losing points, but we gave our best in each attempt. We didn’t give up until the very end and this resulted with points scored by Damian Podczaski. There were some debuts in the team and the players got valuable experience on the highest level. We also had some good comebacks. It was an especially important game for me, as I had to face the first match after a year’s break due to the knee injury. Though it wasn’t finished with a win, I feel it was great to be back on the field and to compete with the best. Losing a home game, which also was the first one of the season tastes bitter, but after analyzing our play and learning from our mistakes we will present much better in the upcoming game for sure – says hosts’ safety Michal Kaczmarek

Game Highlights:

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office

Translation: Tricitynews.pl

Photo: Rafal Karpinski