The Falcons verified the levels of debutants – Warsaw Mets defeated in Tychy

Tychy Falcons opened the season proving, that they should not be underestimated and that they still belong to the top. In Saturday’s game, the Falcons dealt with a team, which is aspiring to become a part of the best ones – Warsaw Mets. The hosts won over the debutants 31:13.

The first ones to set their offensive team on the field were Mets. Their attacking efforts ended up after a bad snap though. As a result of the mistake, the team lost the ball which was recovered by Jacek Sikora. The defensive lineman of Falcons started the offensive action, which finally ended with a touchdown by Grzegorz Dominik after a pass traveled a few yards. After a good kick, Falcons were leading 7:0. Soon after, when the hosts were attacking again, they wasted a field goal attempt. The first quarter finished without further changes in the score.

In the second part of the game, Warsaw Mets still weren’t presenting the best level. As a result, the American quarterback Terrance Owens got sacked. In the meantime, Falcons were playing efficiently and got a touchdown in this part of the game as well. After a 10-yard pass, Zbigniew Szrejber delivered the ball into the endzone. Krzysztof Richter got his second good kick in the game and the hosts were leading 14:0. Their advantage grew even more right before the break. After an effective, 41-yard passing play Grzegorz Dominik got the third touchdown of the game. After a good PAT, the referee ended the first half.

Keith Ray presented himself very well during the game. He showed both his running and passing skills. The only shadow on his good performance was a sack in the third quarter. It was the third attempt, so the hosts decided for a 37-yard field goal. Krzysztof Richter changed the hope into reality adding three points to the score. In the following part of the third quarter, Terrance Owens got sacked again. Fortunately for the guests, the referee so Mets didn’t lose any yards. The historical, first touchdown for Warsaw Mets got scored by Aleksander Jacek, who used 20-yard pass from Owens. After a moment, however, the referees announced they’ve noticed a foul and the points didn’t appear on the scoreboard. What’s more, the guests had to move 15-yards back. The awaited touchdown came shortly after when Antoni Podgorski delivered the ball into the endzone. Kamil Ronczka kicked the ball well and the fans saw 24:7 on the board. On the wave of small success, Jakub Krysiak sacked Falcons’ quarterback. This, however, didn’t bring any lasting effects, as the hosts managed to score yet another touchdown. 30-yard pass ended up with Tomasz Nowak bringing the ball into the endzone. Krzysztof Richter set the score for 31:7. The guests could only reduce the distance when Mateusz Poneta made good use of Terrance Owen’s accurate pass.

– This match as today’s against Warsaw Mets was much needed for the team, to get the right rhythm. The performance of the defensive players is a reason for joy as, despite some minor mistakes, they didn’t allow the guests to spread their wings. I can’t say the same about the offense, which played a very uneven game today, but I can assure, that week after week it will be better and we will be able to show what we can do already during the next week’s game against Seahawks. In the end, I am content with the team’s attitude, with the fact, that I could have become a part of it in such a short time, and with our today’s win of course – said a newly obtained offensive lineman of Falcons, Bartosz Bednarczyk.

We went very motivated for a game against Mets. The effects were visible in the first half because we didn’t allow the opponents for much. Unfortunately, I can’t say what happened since the third quarter – we played worse. There was too much loose, and here applause for Mets who didn’t lower their heads but did their job. I think when they improve their cooperation, they can cause lots of trouble this season. The game was tough but clean and thanks a lot for that! It was nice to be appreciated by the team and chosen as an MVP, but I think it was the whole team that gave everything and each one of my colleagues is an MVP. Thanks for the appreciation and I’m just doing my job – added Jacek Sikora, defensive lineman of Falcons.

The team from Tychy will have a much bigger challenge next weekend. On the 31st of April, they will play against Seahawks in Gdynia. Warsaw Mets are having more than a week of a break on the other hand, and on the 7th of April, they will debut at home. They will host irritated Wolves Lodz, who lost their first game of the season too.

The inauguration of the season went according to our hopes – we’re entering the second game with 1-0 balance and this means a lot for us. Mets are dangerous opponents, but our players were well prepared and they did a great job on the field. From today, we’re getting ready for the game against Seahawks – commented the head coach of Falcons, Michal Kolek.

Mariusz Kańkowski
LFA Press Office


Photo: Jean-François Nicollet