A tough debut in LFA1 for Wataha, Armia Poznan won in Zielona Gora

After a very even game ending the first round of LFA1, Wataha Zielona Gora got defeated in front of their own audience 6:13 to Poznan Army. After a festival of mistakes on both sides, it was the guests that debuted at the highest level of American Football League in a better way.

The fans couldn’t count on seeing points during the first two quarters of the game though there were many opportunities on both sides. The Pack looked very strong at first. In their debut on the highest level, they seemed to be the team to get the points early. The tough defense from Poznan didn’t allow them to get any points though. As a result, the hosts had to try a field goal which didn’t succeed. In the upcoming part of the game, we witnessed a competition within the center of the field, which was usually ending with kicking the ball away to the opponents. Wataha was closer to gaining the historical, first touchdown in LFA1 when the new quarterback, Kenyatte Allen, performed a nearly 50-yard run with a ball. The American was so sure he will succeed that he celebrated his points a bit too early. This allowed the defense to intervene and to force the quarterback to lose the ball.

The American didn’t show his best also in the second quarter when he got sacked. Fortunately, the best player of the defense was Patryk Wojcik, who played as a quarterback last season. In the second quarter, he managed to intercept the ball. Just 20 seconds before the end of the first half, Wataha was very close to getting the touchdown again. Being in the red zone, the American quarterback didn’t do well passing the ball straight into opponent’s hands. This ended the first 24 minutes of a match.

The second half was well opened by the guests. First, they got closer to the endzone with a good pass, and the offensive efforts ended with a short touchdown run by Tomasz Gajewski. The Army didn’t manage to add any more points as the kicker didn’t get the ball on his foot due to a bad snap.

The third quarter finally brought some emotions and it was then, that the hosts managed to level the score. The strongest point of the offense was definitely Krystian Wojcik, who got the first, historical touchdown for the team from Zielona Gora after a run. The hosts didn’t manage to get a successful PAT as well, so 6:6 appeared on the scoreboard. Mistakes were happening to both quarterbacks on the field. One of such got used by the new player of Wataha – Ukrainian Leonid Dzyhanskyi, who reached the ball after a fumble by Witold Gajewski. It was very close for the Army to show off with a pick six in the last quarter. Kenyatte Allen passed the ball to the opponent, who fortunately got stopped right before the end zone. Just a few minutes later it seemed that the Army will have a fantastic chance to get a little advantage. A bad snap didn’t allow Patryk Barczak to keep the ball again. The ball went to Wataha who even managed to get into the end zone five minutes before time. The referees decided, however, that Mateusz Tomaszewski caught it slightly out of bounds. In the next attempt, the hosts decided to try a field goal, which didn’t even took place due to a bad snap. As a result, the players for Poznan brought the offensive team in. In the game, we saw a huge number of flags, which were mostly against Wataha in the last moments of the game. Due to the helmet pull, the Army got a bonus of moving just 10 yards before the end zone. Shortly after, Tomasz Gajewski got his second touchdown run in a game. Finally, we witnessed a good kick too, which resulted in a score of 6:13. In the last seconds, the hosts were in the opponent’s red zone having four attempts to change the course of the game. First, three passes by Allen got caught by the guests. Finally, in the last chance, the quarterback decided for a lone run with a ball, but he got stopped and the ball went to Poznan Army what ended the game. The guests started writing their history with a win.

In the second round, Wataha will have a chance for rehab in front of their fans. On the 31st of March, Wenglorz AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers team comes to Zielona Gora. The guests have inaugurated the competition with a win against Rhinos Wyszkow 38:35. The Army will travel to Krakow to face Kings who will be opening their season then.

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office

Translation: tricitynews.pl

Photo: Armia Poznan