Krakow Kings inaugurated the 2019 season during the second round of LFA1 championships. Additionally, the attendance record has been set during that game. For Armia Poznan, the game in front of 700 fans was their second in the season. The guests came with lots of power, as they’ve won against Wataha Zielona Gora 13:6 in the previous game. On Sunday, however, they didn’t manage to get any more points and those were Kings, who won 32:14 after a very interesting match.

Before the game, it was easy to hear about uncertainty about the outcome of the game, due to guests’ problems with injuries as well as tough conditions dictated by Kings. Nobody wanted to give up at the start though, thanks to what the game was a very good spectacle. The game can be divided into two halves due to the hosts who “slept” throughout the first part of the game losing it 0:14 and their total domination on the field after the break supported by scoring 32 points while losing none.

During the first two quarters, the hosts were unable to find any answer to Poznan’s offense. A great influence of such a situation had Tomasz Gajewski, whose runs couldn’t be stopped by the players from Krakow. This fact couldn’t surprise, as it’s worth mentioning, that it is this player who got both touchdowns in last week’s game against Wataha Zielona Gora. Focusing on running was key to success for the Army during the first half. As a result, in the second quarter, after moving the ball some 10 yards, Witold Gajewski could have made a good pass to Przemyslaw Szukala giving his team the first lead of the game. Wide plays and long passes gave much space for next attacks by, among others, the mentioned Tomasz Gajewski from Army. The same couldn’t be said about Krakow’s offense, which actually didn’t exist throughout the first quarter. Passes coming from newcomer Tivon Cook couldn’t reach the hands of his colleagues. The only bright point was moved to running back position Filip Moscicki, who time after time tried to push through towards the endzone. Without proper support, he wasn’t able to gain anything though. Only at the end of the second quarter, the hosts were starting to wake up both in the offense and in the defense. It wasn’t enough to stop Army players, especially Jan Budzinski, from catching a 25-yard pass from Witold Gajewski and gaining one more touchdown for his team. With a successful PAT, the guests were going for a break seeing 0:14 on the scoreboard.

In the second half, we’ve seen a totally different team from Krakow. Kings dominated the field completely right from the beginning of the third quarter. The offense was dragged by Filip Moscicki, who was in great disposition, finally getting some support from his teammates. Passes from Cook were getting more precise and allowed gaining the yards quickly. The players from Poznan were helping too, as they were unable to reach the middle of the field – two times due to unsuccessful punts after losing the attempts of the offense, which stopped working so effectively as it did in the first half. It was mostly thanks to a great work of Kings’ defense, which also played much better than during the previous quarters. Special teams’ players are also worth mentioning, as they gave their best and their input in the win was huge. Without stopping the Army after kickoffs, this impressive streak of touchdowns wouldn’t have been possible. The guests lacked focus and efficiency, which was then very visible. Not only couldn’t they catch the first half rythm, but also made many mistakes (for example dropping the ball right before the endzone), which Kings, in most cases were able to turn into points. In such circumstances, the streak of 17:0 during the third quarter, stops being a surprise. Points were scored by recently obtained from Mustangs Plock Przemyslaw Pawlowski, after getting lost from the defenders in the endzone and good catch of a 10-yard pass from Tivon Cook, Marcin Maslon – after an accurate 27-yard field goal and Szymon Wesolowski after a good 7-yard run through the defense from Poznan.

The hosts started the fourth quarter strong as well, getting 9 points in a row. First two after mistakes of the guests and following after touchdown by Jaroslaw Baran. After getting the ball from Cook, he performed a fantastic run, which many NFL players wouldn’t be ashamed of, going through nearly 40 yards. The players from Poznan were trying to change the offensive tactics to get back into the game. Their short and much faster passes distracted Kings for a moment. The cooperation between Witold Gajewski and Jan Budzinski looked especially well also during this part of the game. Defensive players of the hosts quickly found a solution to the new circumstances though getting the possession back for their colleagues. The offensive team slowly, but consequently were gaining yard after yard and managed to get one more touchdown. The ball was brought back from the 10th yard and the pass from the quarterback being under big pressure of the defenders found its way to Przemyslaw Pawlowski. As a result, the receiver not only opened the score for Kings at the beginning of the second half but also underlined the win right before the final whistle.

On the upcoming Saturday, Krakow Kings will try to win so far invincible Panthers in Wroclaw. Poznan Army will face Rhinos Wyszkow on Sunday, the team without any wins in the season so far. For the team from Poznan it will be the historical, first home game.

Rafal Rutkowski
LFA Press Office


Photo: Michal Lapczynski