A brutal clash of champions with the elite, Panthers Wroclaw with a sure win in Opole

The champions of LFA2 could cause trouble to Panthers Wroclaw only through a small part of the game. Finally, Towers Opole lost in their first game of the season 7:54.

The first offensive series of the hosts ended after four attempts. Panthers, however, weren’t in attacking for a long time either. After a fumble by Chris Forcier, a player from Opole got the ball and the Towers came back to the offense. A few minutes later, the hosts used the American’s mistake again. As a result, Szymon Grzebieniak could add a sack to his account. In the next action, Panthers’ quarterback got knocked down by Patryk Wiacek. Despite a solid defense of Towers, the hoss couldn’t do much in the offense. After a good, 14-yard pass from Chris Forcier into the endzone, the guests got their lead. Przemyslaw Banata caught the ball and the Panthers got a successful PAT. The game was very difficult, especially for Opole’s quarterback, Markus Hodges. Throughout the whole game, Szymon Adamczyk was trying to hunt him down. He succeeded already in the first part of the game. Panthers had visible difficulties with the rival in this quarter, however, they were able to finish it with 0:14 on the scoreboard. The second touchdown of the game was scored by Chris Forcier, who ran half of the field with a ball.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the American quarterback of the hosts got sacked again, this time by Hubert Ogrodowczyk. After this, to the great rejoicing of the fans, the hosts answered with a touchdown. A good pass was caught by a former star of Wolverines Opole – Pawel Wojciechowski, who came to his home city from Tychy Falcons. After a good PAT, the vice-champions of Poland were leading with just seven points. It wasn’t long until the Panthers answered though. Bartosz Dziedzic performed an effective, one-handed catch and the guests started to increase their lead. This time, however, the extra point attempt got blocked. During the second quarter, it was also Ernest Rogowicz, who got a touchdown after an 11-yard passing action. The guests wanted to get the missing point back then and tried to get two extra points. The referees saw a foul on their side though. The repeated attempt ended up with knocking down Dziedzic and Panthers still could see 7:26 on the scoreboard. A moment later, Deante Battle not only managed to stop the rival but also to take the ball over. As a result, the vice-champions were back in play. The team from the capital of Lower Silesia were controlling the game, so they didn’t want to push too hard not to risk Chris Forcier’s injury. The quarterback got changed by Bartosz Dziedzic and it was this player, who set the score 7:32 before the halftime thanks to an 18-yard run. An attempt to kick the ball during the PAT got blocked by the Towers once again.

The players from Opole started the second half with an interception by talented Jan Chmiel. In this part of the game, we could see Jan Wawrzyniak as Panthers’ quarterback. On the other side, a chance to show his skills as  a quarterback went to the MVP of LFA2 final game – Konrad Rodak. The players from Wroclaw kept on controlling the third quarter of the game adding to their lead thanks to a touchdown by Pawel Barul and a successful kick for an extra point. At the end of the third quarter, the fans saw 7:42 on the scoreboard, as Jan Wawrzyniak signed up for the scoring list as well after a solo action.

In the final quarter, the vice-champions managed to hit the hosts two more times. First Ernest Rogowicz came to the endzone after a short run, and then the score was set by Bartosz Dziedzic after a two-point PAT attempt. The match ended with 7:54 on the scoreboard.

The debut in Panther’s kit came to be very successful. Thanks to a good work of the offensive line, I had many opportunities for long runs and I’ve managed to get my first touchdown. There is a lot of work ahead of us though, as the beginning of the game didn’t go according to our plans. We are correcting our mistakes with each game. There is a very intense week ahead of us – summed up Pawel Barul, who came from Olsztyn Lakers before the season, author of a touchdown in the third quarter.

Towers Opole will now play away against Wenglorz AZS UWM Olsztyn Lakers and the players from Wroclaw will host Krakow Kings at the Olympic Stadium.

– The win makes us happy, but it wasn’t an ideal match. It has already become a bit like Wroclaw’s tradition, that it takes us longer to catch the right pace in games against potentially weaker opponents. There were many substitutes on the field today. Debuting players appeared in all formations and they have used their opportunity perfectly. Our newcomers from Olsztyn, Przemek Banat, and Pawel Barul got touchdowns. Other players were looking very good both in the attack and in the defense – said Krzysztof Wydrowski, special formation coach for Panthers Wroclaw

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office

Translation: Tricitynews.pl

Photo: J’S Photography