The inauguration of the season wasn’t successful for Lowlanders Bialystok due to a severe defeat against Panthers Wroclaw in the first round. The champions of Poland played in the game ending the second series of matches improving their morale by defeating Rhinos 0:41 in Wyszkow.

The guests had a difficult task from the beginning, as their American quarterback Rex Dousin got a hand injury before the game. The players from Bialystok didn’t have a tough opponent, fortunately, so there wasn’t any need to get a new quarterback from the USA. Usually playing as a wide receiver Eryk Makowski took the playmaker’s spot from the start. What’s more, Lowlanders’ play focused mostly on running attempts. In this exact way, after running through 50 yards, Krzysztof Czaplejewicz got into Rhinos’ endzone. The referees saw a foul on the side of Lowlanders though and could not count the touchdown. The offensive series ended with getting points anyway thanks to a shorter run by Eryk Makowski. Wojciech Pacewicz added a point. Rhinos’ offense nearly didn’t exist in the match, and the champions were using rivals’ mistakes mercilessly. After a bad and very short punt by Michal Dabkowski, a bronze medalist of junior championships, 18-years old David Wegrzynski got his touchdown after a return. A spark for Wyszkow came with a long pass by Jonathan Brown which landed in Kacper Janiszewski’s hands. The Rhinos were on the other half for the first time. They lost the ball already in the next attempt though, which Zachary Blair recovered and the hosts’ attack ended.

The second quarter started from a touchdown for Lowlanders. Krzysztof Czaplejewicz performed a short run and the good PAT of the team set the 0:21 score on the board. The hosts’ offense was having major problems still, what resulted in the next fumble and taking the ball over by Lukasz Cackowski. This gave the champions yet another chance to show their attacking skills. Krzysztof Czaplejewicz delivered the ball into the endzone for the second time, but the refs canceled it for the second time as well due to an illegal play of his teammate. The ten drive didn’t end with an increase in score, as Eryk Makowski’s pass into the endzone got intercepted by Michal Mroczek. Due to the absence of Rax Dousin, Zachary Blair could help Lowlanders’ offense. It was him, who became an author of the last touchdown of the second quarter. After an accurate kick by Wojeich Pacewicz, the referees ended the first half.

The third quarter could have started with three points after a field goal for the guests. This time though, the infallible Wojciech Pacewicz didn’t get his chance due to a bad snap. The situation had to be saved by Damian Kolpak, who got knocked down by Rhinos’ players quickly.

Next points arrived at the scoreboard already in the first action of the fourth quarter. Krzysztof Czaplewicz made his way to the endzone, but Wojciech Pacewicz lost his chance again due to a bad snap. The best among Rhinos Wyszkow was Michal Mroczek, who ended the game against champions with two interceptions added to his name. In the last part of the game, he caught a bad pass from Damian Kolpak. His work in defense didn’t give the team much though, as the Rhinos’ performed a very bad punt once again. Michal Dabkowski kicke the ball in such a way this time, that Kacper Kajewski blocked him and caught the ball shortly after. This allowed him to get a touchdown. A good PAT by Wojciech Pacewicz set the score for 0:41 for Lowlanders Bialystok.

– Sometimes the final score isn’t the best picture of the play. We worked hard in defense throughout the game and we were able to correct some minor mistakes to present better in the second half than in the first one. In the attack, we only have to fix some minor issues to find a better way to push the ball forward. We are a week before getting a much better score during the Sunday’s game in Poznan – said Greyson Alman, the head coach of Rhinos Wyszkow

The Rhinos will play their first away game on the 7th of April against Army Poznan. Lowlanders will have a very interesting game with Tychy Falcons. This will also be their first home game since they reached for the championship.

– A painful lesson from the champions of Poland. They pointed out our weaknesses from each possible side. A good tactic play by Lowlanders brought a lot of mess to our offensive ideas. They practically blocked us without a way out. The defense was doing what they could and I believe that they played a good game even though the score doesn’t show it. The offense needs to work very hard during the week not to repeat the scenario during the next game – said Piotr Wykowski, the president for Rhinos Wyszkow.

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office


Photo: wyszkowiak