In a match ending the fourth round of LFA1 Tychy Falcons defeated Wataha Zielona Gora without problems 41:6. At the same time, in the middle of the main Season, the Falcons set themselves at the second position in the Southern group, and the rookies finish with a 1-2 result after three games played.

Already the first offensive effort showed, that the Falcons are definitely the best team Wataha had a chance to face in the American Football League. Guests’ quarterback Kenyatte Allen waited with passing the ball too long, which ended with a sack in the third attempt. After a while, the vice-champions of LFA2 had to give the ball away to the opponents. Falcons didn’t start well though, as they couldn’t exchange their first possession of the game to points. As there was no touchdown, Krzysztof Richter decided to attempt a nearly 30-yard field goal, which came to be inaccurate. As a result, the rookies were in the offense again and their American quarterback faced the strength of Tychy’s defense getting sacked by a couple of Falcons’ players. The players from Zielona Gora had to save themselves with a punt again, what ended very luckily for them. The ball hit the hosts’ player and one of Michael Sholars’ men could reach it, what gave the team the first attempt. The guests’ fans couldn’t enjoy their team being in possession for too long though, as Allen sent it right into Tobiasz Witalisa’s hands. This started an attack which Falcons ended with getting points after a 14-yard run into the endzone by Keith Ray. After an accurate PAT by Krzysztof Richter the referee ended the first half with 7:0 on the scoreboard.

Kenyatte Allen played on the verge of risk, what didn’t end well quite often. In the first half of the game, he was lucky though, as the defenders from Tychy couldn’t control the ball after nearly intercepted passes. A few minutes later the American paid for his nonchalance though, allowing a well located Tobiasz Witalis to get his second interception of the game. The talented defensive back of Falcons presented a return action as well, which didn’t finish with a touchdown. The proteges of Michal Kolek were much closer to Wataha’s endzone though. It wasn’t long and Arkadiusz Kanicki could celebrate getting points after a short run. He performed two such runs in the second quarter giving the Falcons 12 points in total. Once we add accurate PATs by Krzysztof Richter, we will have the 21:0 score after the first half.

After coming back from the locker rooms the picture of the game didn’t change much. The hosts were still dominating the show. This word suits well especially to the first touchdown from the third quarter of the game by Grzegorz Dominik, who danced with the defenders and after maneuvering between some players and running towards the left side he could celebrate finalizing of the 66-yard passing action. A fantastic competition was also played by Tobiasz Witalis in Falcons’ defense, who in this part of the game got his third interception. The attack started with this ended with a punt, but the players from Tychy recovered the ball. One of Wataha players caught the ball and tried to perform a return action, but he received a strong hit from LaParish Lawis which ended up with a fumble recovered by Jacek Wroblewski. The third quarter was ended with a 5-yard run of Keith Ray for a touchdown and an accurate kick by Krzysztof Richter what implemented the “mercy rule”.

When it seemed that the guests were not able to cause any danger to their opponents and will have to face some more touchdowns, Kenyatte Allen showed a very good skill. The American played risky again, as he ran away from the rivals. Just when it seemed that the action will end up with a sack, he passed the ball to completely free Krystian Wojcik, who got the honor touchdown for the guests. A PAT attempt didn’t bring the effects, as the pass from Cezary Szczesny didn’t find a recipient.

We didn’t wait long for Tychy’s answer, as they surprised the guests with assigning LaParish Lewis to the offense. The American found himself in the endzone after an 8-yard run, but the referees noticed a foul on the side of the hosts and canceled the points. After more mistakes in the offense, the referees moved the attacking players more than 20 yards back, what made the task very difficult. In the last chance, they tried a field goal, which got blocked. The offense of the guests didn’t manage to create anything more in the game, and the Falcons used the opportunity to add more points to the score. 41:6 arrived on the scoreboard after a touchdown by Konrad Kondraciuk.

We are very happy with the other win in the season. Wataha presented themselves as a very solid and well-organized team, which didn’t want to give up easily. Without injuries in the game and with a chance to allow substitutes to play we see it as a very productive competition. Since tomorrow, we will start preparing for the game against Army – said Michal Kolek – the head coach for Tychy Falcons.

After four matches played in four weeks, the crew from Tychy will have quite a major break. Their next game will take place on the fifth of May when Armia Poznan will visit the Silesian region. Wataha Zielona Gora comes back to the competition right after a holiday break – on the 27th of April they will host Rhinos Wyszkow.

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press Office


Photo: Jean-Francois Nicollet