In the match with the highest expectations in the 4th round of LFA1, Seahawks Gdynia won against Warsaw Mets 25:7 at home. Together with Panthers Wroclaw, they are two invicible teams of the season in Poland.

From the beginning of the Sunday’s game at the National Rugby Stadium in Gdynia, the Seahawks had a visibly difficult task. Philip Juhlin – their nominal quarterback got hurt in the game against Tychy Falcons two weeks before and the coaching crew decided to choose another American, Barron Miller for the role. Typically a linebacker was focusing mostly on running actions and short passes. Some lack of self-confidence was visible in the player’s performance, as he played on an unnatural position. This was used for instance by Mateusz Szczek, who got a sack already in the first quarter. It wasn’t a surprise, however, that the guests were mostly playing high, what didn’t bring any results in the first part of the game and the fans saw punts mostly.

The guests’ quarterback, Terrance Owens could feel like home at the stadium in Gdynia. He was leading the offense of the team in 2016. Additionally, it was his 18-yard pass into the endzone which got caught by Jan Omelanczuk and opened the score. Kamil Ronczka added a point and the guests were surprisingly in front. The joy of Mets lasted just for a moment though. After a kickoff, Arkadiusz Cieslok brought the play onto the guests’ half, and Baroon Miller performed a 44-yard run right after that. A good PAT by Maciej Siemaszko gave a 7:7 draw. The hosts’ game definitely didn’t look as coach Mele Mosqueda would wish. The Seahawks made a mistake during rivals’ punt in the second quarter that resulted in an interception by Jakub Krysiak. The offensive play by Mets did not bring any points though. In the last attempt, they tried a field goal, but the 39-yard kick under a high pressure didn’t even reach the goal and the ball went under Seahawks’ control. The hosts were more effective. Though they didn’t change the score, they also prevented the Mets from doing so. Terrance Owens was well kept by Seahawks’ defense, where Hubert Chudy showed his good skills sacking the American quarterback of the guests. At the end of the first half, Mele Mosqueda decided to let another quarterback in. Philip Juhlin performed a great pass already in the first attack attempt, which ended in Piotr Rudnicki’s hands and gave a touchdown after a 40-yard action. The kick was blocked, so Seahawks Gdynia were going for a break with 13:7 on the scoreboard.

The third part of the game didn’t overflow with pointing situations, but the guests were getting closer and closer to Seahawks’ endzone. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the duet Terrance Owens – Jan Omelanczuk had a chance to present an action nearly identical to the one which gave the Mets a lead. The American sent an accurate pass, but the wide receiver couldn’t hold it in the end-zone. The game of Seahawks Gdynia could be divided into two totally different parts – one when we saw Barron Miller as a quarterback, and the second when Philip Juhlin got designated. In the fourth quarter, we saw the Swedish player on the field again and the Seahawks’ performance improved a lot. The American with a European passport got sacked just a few minutes after coming back on the field, but his arrival helped the hosts. They managed to increase their lead after a 36-yard pass finished by Piotr Rudnicki. Maciej Siemaszko didn’t manage to get additional points for his team kicking next to the goal. Piotr Rudnicki was a definite hero of Seahawks Gdynia, as his third touchdown of the day, this time after a 6-yard passing action set the score for 25:7. At the end of the game, Arkadiusz Cieslok got a sack on Mets’ quarterback, but none of the teams managed to add any more points to the scoreboard. The team from the capital had to face the second defeat in their history.

We’ve prepared to the game well, as we were aware that the game against Warsaw Mets will not be one of the easiest ones. I am proud of both our formations, offensive, and defensive, as we’ve shown a good piece of football. The opponents from Warsaw also gave their best what we’ve expected. I have to mention Piotr Rudnicki and Jakub Mazan, who let everyone know that the level of American Football in Poland is getting better and better with every game. Our teammate Barron Miller showed his leadership skills as well as bravery taking the responsibility of playing in two formations and getting a touchdown. We only need to learn from mistakes, which we’ve made in our recent games and prepare well to the game against the champions of Poland – said Milosz Goralski, Seahawks’ running back.

The players from Gdynia will have a very difficult game after the Easter break. On the 27th of April at 12:00 they will face Lowlanders Bialystok – a team which eliminated them from the Polish Bowl last season winning 33:16 in the semi-final. Warsaw Mets will also have a very difficult task, as they will face Krakow Kings a day later. The game in Warsaw will start on Sunday, the 28th of April at 2:00 pm.

I’m proud of our players. I see improvements in communication on the field. It was an extraordinary game where we saw Barron Miller as a quarterback, what had to be a surprise for all. All the players deserve praise, as they achieved a great result thanks to teamwork. I would also like to congratulate Warsaw Mets, as they played a very good and solid game. It wasn’t an easy match – the Warsaw players are very tough and play very good football and I wish them best in the further stages of the season – summarised Patryk Markowski – the director of Seahawks Gdynia.

Mariusz Kankowski
LFA Press office


Photo: Zofia Roszkowska